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Lady Crystal
Shinagawa-Yokohama cruise

Welcome to The Cruise Club Tokyo


The Cruise Club Tokyo, Japan’s only waterfront oasis, offers two stunning places of relaxation in one: the canalside Club House Restaurant and the cruise ship Lady Crystal, dubbed “the Grande Dame of Tokyo Bay.” The Cruise Club Tokyo’s appeal to guests is sixfold:

  1. Japan’s only waterfront oasis with two luxurious venues:
    a club house and a cruise ship
  2. A dedicated pier from which only The Cruise Club Tokyo’s ship sails
  3. Dramatic journeys that take in picturesque views of Tokyo’s
    most emblematic sights
  4. Exquisite French cuisine at the water’s edge,
    ensuring a feast for all five senses
  5. Elegant, yet warm hospitality that treats guests like old
    and valued friends
  6. A certain panache backed up by NYK Line's proud tradition
    as an historical owner and operator of world-class passenger ships


Lady Crystal and Rainbow Bridge

Lady Crystal, “the grande dame of the seas,” cuts a noble figure as she sails around Tokyo Bay

Available for use as either a floating restaurant or a cruise ship alone, this 120-guest capacity ship has three floors, accommodating a dining room, private deck, and private room, as well as a deck for enjoying the view. The ship is equipped with full kitchen facilities, ensuring that guests dining on board can enjoy fine French cuisine of the same quality as that offered in the Club House. Let the romance of the sea bring you and that special someone closer together on this cruise ship.


  • Lunch Cruise
    Lunch Cruise

    Weekends and holidays only
    Gaze at panoramic views while enjoying fine French cuisine

  • Afternoon Cruise
    Afternoon Cruise

    Weekends and holidays only
    An affordable cruise for those who simply want to appreciate the view

  • Dinner Cruise
    Dinner Cruise

    Weekday / 18:30–20:30
    Weekend and holidays / 17:30–19:30
    Savor spectacular night views of Tokyo Bay as you dine

  • Night Cruise
    Night Cruise

    Weekday / 21:15–22:15
    Weekend and holidays / 20:30–21:30
    Enjoy the very best night views of Tokyo Bay as you sip your free drink

cruising map

Cruising course


Club House

An elegant haven where men and women who enjoy the finer things in life can relax in style

The maritime-themed entrance leads you into a modern and elegant high-ceilinged space. Amid chic monochrome decor, you can unwind as you savor the chef’s French culinary masterpieces. Also boasting a lounge and bar counter, the Club House can hold around 90 guests for a sit-down meal or around 150 guests for a buffet, making it the ideal venue for any occasion, from intimate anniversary meals to dinners with important persons and weddings.


  • Club House Lunch
    Club House Lunch

    Weekends and holidays
    12:00–14:00 (last orders)
    Relaxing lunchtime in an urban resort surrounded by water and greenery

  • Club House Dinner
    Club House Dinner

    18:30–21:00 (last orders)
    Join us at The Cruise Club Tokyo to savor an array of our specialty dishes


  • Lunch Set Plan
    Lunch Set Plan

    Weekends and holidays 12:00–15:00
    Club House Lunch & Afternoon Cruise
    Enjoy a 45-minute cruise after a set menu lunch in the Club House

  • Night Set Plan
    Night Set Plan

    Club House Dinner & Night Cruise Guests are requested to specify the time of arrival between 18:30 and 19:30



Fine French cuisine like a painting made from carefully selected seasonal ingredients delights both the eye and the palate

The Cruise Club Tokyo brings you authentic fine French cuisine. Carefully selected seasonal ingredients make each and every dish a work of art, creating a sumptuous feast for all five senses. Our custom-made cakes and the desserts that showcase our patissier’s skill are masterpieces that can only be enjoyed at The Cruise Club Tokyo. From special multi-course meals to buffet dining, we can cater to guests’ requirements with the ultimate in food and hospitality.

Executive Chef: Kenji HayamaExecutive Chef: Kenji Hayama
Born in Tsukiji, Tokyo, Hayama trained from 1993 at a number of restaurants in Europe, including a Michelin three-star. He returned to Tokyo four years later and entered the kitchen of an upscale restaurant in Minami Aoyama, where he rose to the position of chef in 2004. He was appointed sous chef of the Crystal Yacht Club in 2011 and executive chef of The Cruise Club Tokyo in 2023.



Share your happiness with friends and family at an unforgettable party on shore and at sea

This is Japan’s only waterfront oasis with both a cruise ship and a club house. Take a break from everyday life to enjoy exquisite French cuisine and matching wines with your friends and loved ones. Coruscating like jewels, Tokyo’s bright lights and the star-encrusted heavens above beckon you into a dreamlike world as you nonchalantly board with cruise ticket in hand. We can offer you a unique wedding to remember against the backdrop of sea and sky as you share your joy and make wonderful memories with your friends and family.