The Cruise Club Tokyo

Visit Tokyo Bay on Lady Crystal (Shinagawa/Yokohama)
Enjoy a two-hour cruise from Tokyo (Shinagawa) to Yokohama !

Lady Crystal

This cruise provides opportunities to see three large bridges — Rainbow Bridge, Tsurumi Tsubasa Bridge,
and Yokohama Bay Bridge — in addition to Haneda Airport, among other waterfront sights.

The cruises between Yokohama to Shinagawa will sail through the Keihin Canal along the edges of the area’s waterfront factories. Guests may enjoy the neo-futuristic-like ambiance created by these surroundings, particularly when alight in the evening.

The route between Shinagawa and Yokohama depends
on weather conditions at the time.

This cruise’s schedule is irregular, but once it is determined, it is posted on our website.Inquiries about group bookings or private charters are always welcome.



  1. Rainbow Bridge

    Rainbow Bridge

  2. Haneda Airport off the coast

    Haneda Airport off the coast

  3. Tokyo Bay Aqualine “Kazenotou”

    Tokyo Bay Aqualine “Kazenotou”

  4. Tsurumitsubasa Bridge, Yokohama Bay Bridge

    Tsurumitsubasa Bridge, Yokohama Bay Bridge

  5. NYK Hikawamaru, Yamashita Park

    NYK Hikawamaru, Yamashita Park

  6. Minatomirai, Pukari-Sanbashi pier

    Minatomirai, Pukari-Sanbashi pier